Happiness is not a constant!

We’re almost in month 17 of living in Spain and I’m determined to live the simple life we dreamed off when we set out this adventure.

Mindset and your attitude to life is something I’ve studied for a long time and I believe it’s crucial to live a fulfilled life. We’ve all heard of the old adage, ‘Is your glass half full or half empty?’ It’s a simple quote that often gets overlooked and we can all slip into the half empty scenario without any consciousness and it can take real determination to shift a negative scenario into a positive one.

The key is to catch your thoughts as they become your habits and your habits do become your outcomes. Negative thoughts will lead to toxic outcomes. I’ve recently caught myself complaining about those who complain, I mean, the irony!

Well I’ve decided to reevaluate all toxic situations in my life and do something about it. I have no doubt at my weakest I can also become toxic to others and that’s not what I want in life.

These are the steps I’ve taken:

Block toxic social media

  • Last week I uninstalled all news apps from my phone and unfollowed a few people and groups that I used to check out on Facebook. This was a game changer for me. This act alone has lifted my spirits entirely.

Don’t become a mood hover 

  • Become aware of the mood hovers around you and ensure you don’t become one. To change your mindset is completely in your sphere of influence if you want it to be. The key is do you want to? Well I certainly don’t want to be known as a bitter old moaner (which I’ve recently become) so I’m sorting my thoughts out quickly before it becomes a long term habit.

 Be a positive influence on others

  • Some people have formed negative habits that are ingrained in them for life but there are others who are just going through a difficult time and perhaps need that positive person in their life. Complaining with them is not going to help anyone so I’ve recently tried to try to look for the silver lining and influence the situation for the benefit of everyone.

 Happiness is not a constant outcome

  • I recently stumbled across a guy called Jordan B Peterson who has wrote a book called ’12 Rules for life’.  He said something on a recent interview that struck me like a bolt of lightning. It’s impossible to achieve constant happiness. After all happiness is an outcome by living a meaningful life. If your life is not consistently meaningful then you won’t be happy. Trouble is, it’s hard to be doing ‘stuff’ that’s meaningful all the time so it’s hard to be happy all of the time. This was enlightening for me as I’ve spent my whole life desiring a utopian life where I’m constantly happy. Understanding this has literally taken the monkey of my back.

Do meaningful things

  • The key is to look to spend as much time doing what I feel is meaningful, and when I do the outcome is happiness. When I’m doing something that’s laborious or simply pissing me off like having an argument that I don’t feel is necessary, then I need to quickly move on and get back to do something that makes me happy, such as gardening, exercising, taking the dog up the mountains, speaking to someone who is a positive thinker, read a book, make some nice food, or even choosing to be happy at work. At the end of the day, I get to meet people at work, see new places and I get paid which enables me to do other meaningful things.

Look for a positive perspective 

  • We can complain about our jobs as much as we want but I know when I didn’t have work and we didn’t have money, it was certainly a far worse outcome than the job itself. I complain about my wife but then I miss her when she goes to work especially in the evenings.  Grass is always greener and none of us are here forever so we may as well be bloody positive whilst we’re here eh?

As I write this the sky is blue, the Almond trees are in full blossom, the birds are singing, i’m mortgage free in Spain, I’ve got food in my fridge, everyone’s healthy and I’m going to spend today gardening. If you can’t be happy with that then when can you be happy?

Well I’ve taken these steps this week with the aim to become a completely deluded human who lives his life in complete denial of what’s happening in the world. One week on I feel unbelievably positive and I’ve not felt this good in years. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still be following news about my beloved Man United on Twitter and no doubt fall into instant depression when they get beat but hey, we’re all human after all!

P.s If you do hear the world is going to blow up, please give me a nudge as I won’t have a clue.

Speak soon compadres, Springs on its bloody way!!!!

Hasta Luego




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