Cost of living in Spain – April 2017


Prior to moving out to Spain, one of the most useful blogs I used to read was from a lady who used to write about the cost of living over here.

With this in mind, I have created our version – I hope you find it useful.

Typical Basic Shopping costs

Wine from the local bodega (Red / White) 5 Litres 5.00
Beer San Miguel x 6 cans 2.65
Coffee 5.25
Fanta Limon x 8 3.52
Eggs x 24 2.29
Bread (stick) .75
Butter 1.15
Orange juice .59
Milk cartons x 6 3.48
Tins of tomatoes x 536 kg 1.28
Iceberg lettuce .85
Minced meat 500 grams approx 4.50

Other bills

House Insurance (Pay annually approx. 180 euros with Bank) 15
Gas bottle approx. 12 euro each / 2 per month 24
Water (mains agriculture) 11
Electric (Pay 95 every 2 months) 50
Dog Scalibur collars to protect them from Ticks and Mosquitos (4 dogs annual 150) 13
Internet 33
Wood for woodburner (Pay annually 170 – 2 tonne) 14
Oil for central heating (Pay annually approx 250 euros) 20
Mobile phone contract x 2 20
Clothes approx budget 15


Suma’s / Taxes

Recogida Residuos Solidos Urba – Bins (Pay annually March) 58.00 4.83
Cuotas Y Derramas – Water (pay annually March) 85.00 7.08
IMPTO Bienes Inmuebles Rustica – council tax (Pay annually Sept) 18.84 1.57
IMPTO Bienes Inmeubles Urbana – council tax (Pay annually Sept) 159.92 13.32

Car Costs

Car x 4×4 (pay annually March) 79.13 6.60
Car x Cactus (pay annually March) 37.49 3.12
Car insurance x New car (Pay annually) 451 37.58
Car insurance x Old car (Pay annually) 395 29.91
ITV Spanish version of a MOT (Pay annually 108.17) per car 9.01
Diesel approx. 1.15 litre na


Self employed costs including / paying into the Spanish system

Self-employed – Social security (includes pension, health care for the family) are staggered over the first 19 months to help new businesses.

Month 1 – 6 50
Month 7 – 12 120
Month 13 – 18 200
Month 19 – 24 270
Business insurance policy (75 euros for the year) 6.25
Monthly accountant fee 65


Eating out is relatively cheap

Coffee in the local café’s 1.20
Menu Del Dia start from 10 euros per person
Pint varies – approx. 2 euros

A few things to bear in mind when thinking about the above figures,

• We are a family of 3 who doesn’t eat out much – we enjoy home cooking and we have to budget ourselves carefully
• We live in a 3 bedroom house in the campo with 2700 sq metres of land and a large pool
• We have no rent or mortgage payments to allow for
• We have a Reverse Osmosis so we don’t have to pay for drinking water at the shop
• One of the cars is an old Nissan Terrano 4×4 – 16 years old
• Of course we have to budget for ongoing car maintenance for the old car
• The other car is a new Cactus – very economical and cheaper on the car tax (Suma)
• The pool pump is on 12 months a year however ad hoc in the winter to keep it ticking over and 3 x 1 hr intervals in the summer.
• There is no TV license in Spain but if you want UK TV there will be some sort of cost whether it’s to purchase a kodi box or pay a monthly / annual fee to stream TV
• Vet fees are much cheaper in Spain
• The bank charges approx. 30 euros every quarter if you are a non-resident (we are residents so we no longer pay it)
• 2nd Hand cars in Spain are more expensive than in the UK – New cars seem cheaper
• Although running cars in Spain is cheaper, here in the campo we do more miles than we did in the UK – for example, the school run is 8 x 7 minute journeys a day which adds up to over 45 minutes a day. Example –

9am drop Olivia off – return home = 2 journeys
12.30 Pick Olivia up at lunch and return home = 2 journeys
3.30 Drop Olivia off at school and return home = 2 journeys
5pm Pick Olivia up and return home = 2 journeys

We heat the house by the following methods

• Gas bottles = hot water / shower
• Electricity = pool, house sockets, lights, dishwasher, washing machine etc.
• Wood burner = heat the front room
• Oil central heating = used from November to March – 30 mins morning / 30 mins night
• The gas bottle depends on whether we have guests over or not – for a family of 3 it usually last 3 weeks – with guest approx 2 weeks.
• Our weekly shopping budget including cleaning detergents, dog & cat food etc is approx. 100 euros a week


All in all, we need to earn approximately 1000 – 1100 euros a month without a rent / mortgage payment but this will increase over the year as the social security payments rise.

I hope those that are thinking about moving to Spain.



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