Life in Spain – Week 4

Hola Amigos, hope you are well.

Seems ages since the last update but it’s literally a week or so ago. Time is going so fast.

I suppose that’s the downside of living a much more enriched life. The more you enjoy it the faster it goes. If that’s the only compromise, I’ll take it!

Last week Olivia started her Spanish school in the local village, La Romana.

I was extremely nervous. It reminded me of our days back in the UK when she first started nursery. You try and tell yourself she’ll be okay but you can’t help feel you’re dropping your child into a state of the unknown and as a parent it’s very uncomfortable to say the least.

We went to meet the Directorio (Head of the school) who speaks very good English.

We dressed to impress but we needn’t have. José (as he introduced himself) walked over calmly, looking very casual in his jeans. What a lovely chap. Straight away we were put at ease.

Walking around the school it felt good, relaxed, a place where teachers seem to focus more on manners, values and behaviours rather than just academics and dare I say it, hierarchy.
The Spanish schools don’t do the formality we do in the UK. No school uniform, teachers are called by their first name, casual clothes, start at 9am, break in the morning, finish at 12.30 for lunch, come back at 3.30 and finish at 5pm.

The one thing they are very strict on is dining arrangements. Food is cooked fresh on site and all children must eat their dinner. There is absolutely no flexibility when it comes to nutrition. Children must eat well – I love that. Having said that Olivia has opted to come home for the 3-hour lunch and that works for us. Sending your kids off to the government establishment whilst you earn your coin is a thing of the past for us.

José asked whether Olivia would like to start next month, my wife mentioned the possibility of tomorrow and Olivia asked whether she could start that afternoon!

Clearly Olivia doesn’t get that from me. Anything to do with school, England, Spain or anywhere, I’d have been pushing for 2018 never mind that afternoon!

I was blown away. Proud but now even more nervous. What, that afternoon? I’d not emotionally prepared for that and I was taken aback. Well that’s what she did and ever since that day I’ve been gob smacked by her lack of fear.

Olivia is loving school and life here and as a parent I finally feel we are providing her a more balanced environment. This is what the move was all about and we’re finally doing it. Not one day goes by where I don’t feel extremely lucky.

Its a Bank Holiday in Spain this week (All Saints Day). It’s a time to respect loved ones who have passed and it’s quite rightly a big thing so Olivia is off school Monday and Tuesday.

Saturday was Halloween night in the local tavern and there’s little excuse needed for a party around here so Saturday was a 2am late finish. I wouldn’t dream of doing that in the UK at my age. Not with a week in the rat race ahead of me.

We also decided to have a trip to Alicante. What a place that is!!

I’ve added some pics of the trip to Alicante and some of the views of the area around our villa where we walk with the dogs but I’ll write more about that in future blogs.

Take care and speak soon
Hasta luego amigos

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Joan Maskew says:

    Well done Olivia, love the 3 hour lunches. Best wishes to you all it sounds great.


    1. Lee says:

      Many thanks Joan. Say hello to the family for me xx


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