Life in Spain week 3!





Okay so for those who know me, will know I’ve been obsessed about Spain (and hated a lot of what the UK has to offer) for a long, long time but having been here 3 weeks does it measure up to expectations?

Abso-bloody-lutley it does!!!

Here’s how the first three weeks went. (wasn’t all fun!)

Prior to leaving Blighty (was going to say ‘Good old’ but it’s not so let’s just leave it as Blighty) we had more than a few leaving doo’s and it seemed every doo had a guest who was ill, so by the time we landed in Alicante we were carrying more viruses than a small village in Africa.

We were ill and by christ did I feel it getting our NIE number (National insurance number equivalent) in Novelda with our fab agent Joan.

I was sat there in a room full of people waiting for their NEI’s to be approved hoping that a sway bullet would penetrate my forehead and put me out of my misery. I was dying but I was meant to be positive. This was week one of my twenty year dream and I wanted to be put down!!

Feeling sorry for myself, the pound on its arse post Teresa May’s lovely announcement that she had a plan for brexit, perturbed by the never ending gravel drive way up to the villa, and realising there was enough furniture left behind for four houses never mind one left me feeling vulnerable. I didn’t once regret leaving Blighty once but bloody hell someone throw me a bone!

By the end of the week we had moved into the villa, the dogs and the cat had arrived, the gravel drive way was shortening by the day, we had arranged for most of the existing furniture to be picked up and the villa was looking bigger as each item left. Life was looking rosy as I started my regular daily clean of the pool.

By the end of the week our furniture from the UK had landed and we were up till the early hours getting the house ready for my mother and step fathers arrival.

Some may think it would be madness for family to arrive so soon but I was looking forward to showing off our new home and village and they we’re here to help us integrate.

Although still ill, España was feeling like home. Nipping to Ikea for new beds on a six lane roundabout in Murcia was not my idea of fun but it had to be done.

Reality has kicked in from day one that this was not a holiday but that was no bad thing – this was a new life and we we’re embracing everything that came with it.

My parents loved the villa and the Hondon Valley and by week two we were getting into the swing of things. Fab early bird menus at 7.95 euros a pop, Sunday tapas at 30 euros for the family including wine, cheap plants from the local garden centre come pet shop, shopping in the local Market on a Saturday, quality red wine at one euro a litre from the local bodega, sitting in the sun in a local village square, the stunning mountain walks with the dogs, and the gravel driveway is now a 100 metres sprint on the dog walk, life was on the up and I felt sorry for people who we’re in ‘Good old Blighty’ (the rain was pouring down in the UK as we enjoyed ourselves in the sun).

By the end of week two my mother and stepfather had left and there was a feeling of vulnerability again but it felt very satisfying to not be going back to the UK.

I can’t even begin to tell you how good life is in Spain, don’t get me wrong, you bump into issues – as I write this, my wife nipped down to the local petrol station and ‘William’ (lovely Spanish chap) accidentally filled the 4×4 with petrol instead of diesel. We wheeled the car to the garage next door to get it drained, William covered the costs and filled the car back up. He was devastated at putting us out. We handed him a nice bottle of red, our appreciation he’d resolved the issue with such dignity.

That sums this place up. You become the human being that you always wanted to be.

The UK rat race seems to inject you with a dose of cut throat selfishness, ready to lash out at someone driving too slow or too fast or someone looking at you the wrong way, you just don’t seem to get that here.

As I write this we’re on week three and still ill but by christ life feels good.

Our move to Spain has exceeded our expectations and to say I’d recommend the move to anyone would be a huge understatement.

The best way to describe it is a feeling of moving from a life of existing to a life of living.

Hope you’re enjoying the blogs!

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  1. Moe says:

    Sounds everything you wanted it to be lee. So pleased for you . How’s Olivia settling in at school?


    1. Lee says:

      Hope you, John, Dan and the family are well. It’s fab, it really is.

      Olivia’s not started school yet. We are off to get our Padron this morning which is like signing up to the local services (school including) then we’ll meet with the Headmaster next week.

      She’s fitting in superbly well though. Already got three new Dutch friends.

      Gail has really surprised me. She is really pushing herself to fit into the new culture. She met up with Christina (lovely Spanish lady who works for Joan our agent) yesterday for a two hour Spanish lesson). She’s already been out with clients too. She is doing marvellous – very proud of them both. Xx


  2. Moe says:

    Will show this to john manana! It all sounds great. New neighbours moving in tomoz. John bradshaw asked for contact with u, so gave him this address. Hope ur all feeling better by now. X

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lee says:

    Haha I know John doesn’t do technology. Gail and Olivia have mentioned writing John a letter over the next few days but it would great if you could prod some kind of device in front of his nose. It would mean a lot if I knew he was reading the blogs. Great news re John B. The more the merrier!

    Still bloody ill!!!



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