Three Dogs and a cat – On the road to Spain!

So you have decided to take the jump and move to Spain and you’re thinking about the key steps on what you need to do to make it happen.

The things that will keep the majority of us awake at night are things like getting the house ready to put on the market, choosing a trusted estate agent in Spain (see a previous blog for more info on that one), finding the new home of your dreams, finding new schools for the children, who to use to transfer the money into euros, who to use to transport your furniture, there’s a lot to organise.

Aside from the above considerations, those of us who have pets will probably go into meltdown thinking how we get our fury loved ones to our new home in the sun.

I can normally make a decision in the blink of an eye but not this time – this was different!

Do I drive them over myself, fly them over, organise a transport courier to take them, what happens if I have to transfer them in the hot summer?

I can honestly say I spent twelve months of constant indecision’s. To say I was panicking about the situation was an understatement.

Eventually we made a decision and we opted to go with a door to door based in Fortuna, Murcia. It’s without a shadow of a doubt the best decision we made for our pets.

D-DAY came around quickly. I woke up feeling extremely anxious. For the benefit of the pooches, I’d already decided on my coping strategy – head down, little emotion, and just crack on with it. It was the best for all us but it was nevertheless hard.

I took our 3 dogs for a 5 am walk in readiness for their new journey ahead (the last walk in the UK). The field was empty and completely covered in fog like a scene from the Hounds of the Baskervilles – I felt empty.

A few hours later and the transport van entered our avenue. We were all nervous but we needn’t have been. The second Ian and Nicola jumped out of the van we knew they were our kind of people. They are a dream team when it comes to animals and people for that matter and we were immediately put at ease. Both Ian and Nicola who have 6 St Bernard’s plus a Rottweiler and loads of cats also support the re-homing of animals in Spain. They are a God send for people who need to send their beloved pets abroad.

A couple of days later and our fury friends were living it up large as we were still plodding along trying to sort out the rest of the palaver of the house sale. Ian kept us up to date with regular communication including videos which really helped us concentrate on getting us over the final hurdle in moving out of the UK property.

Then the day finally came and our best buddies were brought to our new villa. This alone would have been phenomenal but Ian and Nicola stayed for a few beers – what a night, what a great company to use!

I can’t recommend enough. If you’re wanting to move your pets to Spain, don’t look elsewhere, Ian & Nicola will sort you out!

Thank you both for all your support.

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