Moving to Spain – Health Considerations

You would think finding your new family home in Spain and selling your UK home is the toughest part of the transition, it certainly has been for us (well the UK side at least!), however other questions do come in to consideration and it’s very much dependent on your circumstances. Are you retired or do you plan to work in Spain? Do you have children? Are you applying for Spanish residency or are you going to rent in Spain for 12 months and see how it goes? All these things alter the the administration process. There are plenty of forums with all sorts of advice, some which seem to provide certain contradictions.

I’m certainly no expert but I have found a couple of official sites that I think are worth sharing and cover of a lot of the basics including;
  • Moving to Spain – the health care situation
  • What is a EHIC card an how do I apply for one?
  • What’s the current situation with my state pension in Spain?
  • Do you need to change your driving license over to a Spanish version?
  • How do I make voluntary contributions to the UK whilst i’m in Spain should I want to?
I have also added the links to the bottom of the home page for future reference, hope it helps,
Hasta Luego

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