Lets be clear, the UK does have its benefits, Cornwall, the Lake District, the Yorkshire Dales, great British ale in country pubs, then there’s family on your doorstep, and knowing where to get what you need, when you need it does have its perks.

However, life is a very short journey and I believe to enjoy life, your environment is crucial.

The 9-5pm rat race or if we’re honest 8am – 7pm! the unpredictable weather (it’s rained through the whole of July for 5 years on the run as I write this), the property prices, we sold our house for £355k and bought a villa in Spain for £120k with a pool and lots of land!

Then we look at the good old vitamin D – the Sun!

Some say moving to a foreign country is a risk – I disagree, staying is a risk. Not living your life to the maximum is a risk we just weren’t prepared to take, so in October we move out to Spain – for good!

I’m not naive enough to know we wont have our challenges, we certainly will but I promise i’ll keep you posted on the good and the bad as we live out our new life in La Romana.

One thing is for sure, I wont miss the Altrincham traffic jams!


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